MidTech Microsoft Sharepoint Case Study

Industry: Architecture

Service: Intranet Solution

Client: Our client is an architect firm that specializes in designing civic spaces, including libraries, community/recreational centers, universities, and community colleges. Its talented studio of architects pursue an ideal of active community involvement and environmentally responsive design.

Challenge: As business continues to grow, our client needed an intranet solution separate from its web environment that would improve its internal communication without investing in additional hardware. Design relies heavily on version control and collaboration. Without a shared network, its architects were not working as efficiently as possible. The company needed a well-designed team site to increase collaboration and productivity.

Solution: MidTech installed Windows 2003 server to host SharePoint services and recommended Microsoft’s SQL server to share databases with SharePoint and the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application for improved performance. We created a site template with our client’s logo and color scheme to make users feel at home. In addition, we created HR, Technology, and Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) sites under the intranet site collection to meet the firm’s specific needs. MidTech also set up a blog to promote collaboration among company users, providing a central place for discussion and relevant news. Finally, we implemented a company calendar for company events and team meetings, ensuring team members would be kept organized and up to date.

Result: The implementation of an intranet solution has led to increased productivity in employees and efficiency for company operations. A centralized, collaborative space ensures version control for design documents and enables discussion among team members. Sensitive data is secure and safely accessible to the entire staff, and the firm’s architects can now focus on their product: great design.

MidTech Green Business

MidTech Software Solutions, Inc., certified as Santa Clara County Green Business.

MidTech Software Solutions, Inc., becomes the first IT firm to be certified by Santa Clara County as “Green Business”. This is part of MidTech’s Green Initiative to conserve resources and maximize efficiency through its operations on all levels. After an extensive analysis of the company’s operations and employee habits, MidTech has devised methods to optimize the resources it uses and find areas where greener solutions can be applied.

“MidTech is 110% committed to greening our entire operation and set an example for other firms to follow. In an industry where innovation is the foundation, we are seeking a new way of combining IT and eco-friendly efficiency to establish a new trend in the tech industry; this is the first step towards that vision,” said Cindy Zheng-Huang, CEO.

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