What to do when migrating your business to the cloud?

We all know there are major advantages to cloud infrastructure migration for your business. Hopefully, you’ve done the top-down research that would prove migration to the cloud is cost-effective for your company. If it is – and if your company is ready to foot the expense and make the migration – there’s no doubt you will require some deep organizational changes in order to make the most out of housing your data in the cloud.

Here are some tips on moving your organization forward towards cloud-based computing, storage and security that will benefit everyone at all levels of your organization.

Go at the Pace You’re At

While many organizations are ready to get that data into the cloud overnight, the vast majority of businesses don’t truly understand what it takes to move things over. It’s a timely process that involves reorganization and the trust of the data gurus in your business.

Many business owners approach putting their network in the cloud with expectations that the business will change for the better in a week’s time or even overnight. This isn’t always the case – it’s important for business owners to be aware that, based on the size of their organization, security needs and overall infrastructure, it could take months to get a cloud migration fully integrated in a way that makes the business as productive as possible.

Understand Change is Necessary

When we say “top down”, we’re not just talking about the migration itself. Moving over to the cloud is going to require a change in workflow for employees. The best way to get them ready isn’t simply to train them and hope they catch on. Presenting practical, real world situations and how cloud computing comes into play can provide a more efficient and effective learning environment for most employees.

When we migrate a company over to the cloud using our personalized business migration services, we provide necessary training at the data level as well. Data managers and harvesters within your organization should take charge of developing organizational training that surrounds any cloud migration issues. Naturally, the majority of issues happen within the first few weeks of migration, so obviously IT and networking teams of our clients expect things to be bumpy for a little while.

Consistency is Key

Development operations of cloud migration should be consistent, timely and should make sense. Many businesses we work with aren’t training in consistency that could cause data and other security issues.

If your business is considering cloud migration we’d love to talk to you about how our data services could help! Contact us for a free consult today.

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