Making the Choice to Have a Custom Enterprise Resource Planning App Developed

All businesses have needs, and it stands to reason the larger the business, the greater the need might possibly be. Over time, business managers and asset planners realize they might be facing a more complex set of internal problems than they ever imagined. These problems can come in the form of managing intricate data sets, relaying buying processes and possibilities to current customers and acquiring essential buyer and customer info in real-time.

Challenge 1: Meeting the Latest Technology

As we develop relationships with clients, we sometimes realize that the technology interfaces we’ve established our business relationships and connections with needs to be upgraded or retired. Businesses often lack essential decision-making staff when it comes to building custom enterprise planning apps.

As a result, outsourcing a company with this skill set and knowledge can save both time and money. Businesses don’t always need to develop internal staff to meet the needs of a temporary project. In cases where budget, time and knowledge constraints are all at play, outsourcing to a data team who can meet ERP application needs is a smart choice for any business.

Challenge 2: Scope and Timeframe

As an IT company, creating new ERP applications for businesses both large and small requires trust, deep communication and a strong, stable relationship. This relationship starts at the onset when both parties fully understand the needs of the larger organization and make an effort to address them quickly. A clear project scope, a mutual understanding of deliverables and exposure of key players will better help faciliate expectations around both scope and timeframe.

Challenge 3: Budget

As an ERP application provider, we often run into clients who have worked with other firms on application projects, only to find “surprise” fees and an extra need for time way outside the intiial scope of the project. In many cases, these extra fees should have been covered under the initial scope of the project and never were.

These cases make it abundantly clear scoping needs to be tight all the way around. Being 100% clear about what initial scoping entails can ensure client green lights from start to finish, further adding stock in the relationship of trust clients build with companies like ours.

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The Power of the Right E-Commerce

Businesses look for the right E-commerce solutions not just to please customers but to ensure they’re providing the best service possible. As tech providers, E-commerce is our bread and butter. We make it a point to let customers know which e-commerce services will best benefit their businesses over the long run as well as how to keep these projects within cost and scope.

The Right E-Commerce Solution

Because E-commerce needs vary from client to client, the first step in ensuring a business relationship with an e-commerce customer is successful lies in direct and immediate understanding of client needs.

Getting a feel for the client’s current infrastructure, how customers are serviced, whether sales go smoothly or there are opportunities lost due to the current infrastructure, et al are all crucial data points in terms of how best to proceed. Additionally, analytics and qualitative metrics are deeply important to a customer’s success. Our solutions must take into consideration how customers can access this data and best make it work for them.

Selecting a Bay Area E-Commerce Company

It makes sense to develop a relationship with a company that has your best interests in mind. If you’re generally feeling that your initial communications with an E-Commerce solutions company seem to get to the heart of probems with your current set up and offer solutions, you’re on the right track.

Do I Need to Change My Whole Solution?

As E-commerce business solutions experts and application providers, we make a commitment from start to finish to give clients what will work best within their timeframe and budgets – meaning, a client may not necessarily have ot embrace an entirely new solution if we can find the right way to make current interfaces work. While we handle this on a case by case basis, we often see clients’ quotes from other providers who insist on getting rid of everything on a client’s specific platform and starting over. Whether or not you actually need to do this depends on your project’s end goals as well as legwork, budget and other constraints. Any reputable company should make the best effort possible to work within your budget, constraints and scope.

MidTech ( is an E-Commerce solutions company. We can take a look at your current solutions, your project goals and come up with a plan that truly works for you.  Contact us at 408-689-0288. We’d love to set you up with an e-commerce solution that works for your business.

Health IT Apps: What Can They Do?

Medical professionals are some of the busiest people you’ll find. Their cause is noble – caring for patients, consistently getting the training needed to stay on top of cutting edge technology and staying abreast of the latest changes in the scientific community. Doctors, nurses and other health care providers have a lot to do – and we want to give them the technology to meet their business needs.

Making it Happen for Patients

The fact of the matter is, health care professionals don’t need anything standing in the way of getting their jobs done. Should they learn to stay on the edge of new technology and utilize it within the workplace? Absolutely.

However, providing them with the right tech and the right training to make their jobs easier can save dozens of hours of time in the long run. Making sure that a medical practice or hospital works with the right tech company can ensure easy-to-use, efficient infrastructure and assets are all in place.

What Do Patients Want?

Patients want to know their privacy is respected, systems are easy to use and that their experience from doctor to doctor within the same institution is incredibly streamliend and easy. The right Health IT application solution doesn’t just benefit doctors, sys admins and health professionals – it benefits patients as well. Individuals on both sides of the table will be utilizing this application for maximum results, so it needs to be clean and user-friendly for both sides.

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How to communicate your business needs to IT

Every business can find a way to make day-to-day operations run more efficiently through the use of technology. Some may feel limited in their knowledge of what infrastructure models can support on a daily basis. Essentially, if you have a “wish” list of items that would make your daily tasks run smoother and give you less headache, then chances are your IT Department can tailor the product to your needs.

Step 1: Goal Alignment

Communicating your long-term and short-term goals to your IT department is your first step toward operational success. Considering your organization is the organic body, your IT Department is your hands and feet for goal achieving and self-maintenance. Once the goal and objectives are clear, your hands and feet will know what tools to pick up and what types of shoes to put on for the run or the walk.

Step 2: Open Communication

Consider the deliverables of your staff members and the time it takes for them to complete a required task. Talk with your employees and ask them what they feel would make their workday run more smoothly and would free up time to focus on further projects.

Gather feedback from the staff whose job requires the most use of the software to see how the product can best be utilized to complete a specific workload.  You may discover that your employees are bogged down with tedious data entry tasks which the IT department could easily eliminate through creating automated tasks within a system. Staff need opinions from higher-ups in the organization that will allow them to make informed decisions about how the software should work. This will allow IT staff to prioritize how the software should best be used for productivity.

Alleviating employees from these duties will help to boost their overall morale and increase productivity. Once you have an idea of what your staff’s needs are, contact the IT department to see what reporting or general function can be created in order to support specific functions. Many businesses can benefit tremendously by bridging the communication gap between the staff who services the software and those who complete their work using the software. Once your IT department has the proper amount of feedback they can reach out to our application development team and we’ll tailor something unique for you! This will ensure you are getting the most out of your resources from every perspective of your Team.

Step 3: Budget Transparence

In today’s IT marketplace, there a lot of choices. What you need is the ability to pick the best solution amongst abundant options. Communicate your budget honestly with your IT department and you will speed up the process.

With a clear budget in mind, your IT department can help you to evaluate options and come up with realistic and optimized solutions. You are not looking for the cheapest option out there, but to find the best the option for your budget.


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What to do when migrating your business to the cloud?

We all know there are major advantages to cloud infrastructure migration for your business. Hopefully, you’ve done the top-down research that would prove migration to the cloud is cost-effective for your company. If it is – and if your company is ready to foot the expense and make the migration – there’s no doubt you will require some deep organizational changes in order to make the most out of housing your data in the cloud.

Here are some tips on moving your organization forward towards cloud-based computing, storage and security that will benefit everyone at all levels of your organization.

Go at the Pace You’re At

While many organizations are ready to get that data into the cloud overnight, the vast majority of businesses don’t truly understand what it takes to move things over. It’s a timely process that involves reorganization and the trust of the data gurus in your business.

Many business owners approach putting their network in the cloud with expectations that the business will change for the better in a week’s time or even overnight. This isn’t always the case – it’s important for business owners to be aware that, based on the size of their organization, security needs and overall infrastructure, it could take months to get a cloud migration fully integrated in a way that makes the business as productive as possible.

Understand Change is Necessary

When we say “top down”, we’re not just talking about the migration itself. Moving over to the cloud is going to require a change in workflow for employees. The best way to get them ready isn’t simply to train them and hope they catch on. Presenting practical, real world situations and how cloud computing comes into play can provide a more efficient and effective learning environment for most employees.

When we migrate a company over to the cloud using our personalized business migration services, we provide necessary training at the data level as well. Data managers and harvesters within your organization should take charge of developing organizational training that surrounds any cloud migration issues. Naturally, the majority of issues happen within the first few weeks of migration, so obviously IT and networking teams of our clients expect things to be bumpy for a little while.

Consistency is Key

Development operations of cloud migration should be consistent, timely and should make sense. Many businesses we work with aren’t training in consistency that could cause data and other security issues.

If your business is considering cloud migration we’d love to talk to you about how our data services could help! Contact us for a free consult today.