How to use SharePoint for your business?

You have been searching and now you found this post. You have more than likely heard many good things about SharePoint, maybe even tried to use SharePoint, but you are still wondering if SharePoint is something you should leverage for your business. Well, you have come to the right place.

First, let’s give you a quick overview of what SharePoint is.

Who is using SharePoint?

According Information Week, 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint.  However, they are using the many facets of SharePoint differently.

What is SharePoint?

The fascinating thing about explaining what SharePoint does is that it is not any one software program but rather a platform for several different kinds of programs.

You can think of SharePoint as the center for all your content. You can load it with documents, organize them and you can share them very easily with other people when you want and whom you want. There’s only one fluid, editable document you have to handle—and it will always be in the same place and it’s always current. So instead of multiple team members creating many versions in various places, everyone works on the same document—at the same time if necessary.

What are the main functions of SharePoint?

Here are some of the vital aspects of SharePoint:

  • Share and organize your resources: Keep everyone on the same page.
  • Organize teamwork around common milestones: Stay on track and deliver on time
  • Connect with the right people across your organization at the right time: Find the right people
  • Search all of your contents from one place: Find what you need
  • Data on hand and display them at the central stage of your company: Make informed decision

How can SharePoint change the way you do business?

Approval Workflow process

Let’s tell you about a recent project we did for one of our clients who needs to create a Travel Authorization (TA) Form.  Travel authorization involve the complex approval process with the several levels of management located in different parts of the world. The approval process is also involved with different levels of approval authorization depending the position of the requestor; for international travel, it will also need to involve the financial department of the company. The TA Form is also needed to support the practice of back-up approvers when the initial approvers are not available. The authorization process was very time-consuming and heavy resource consumption. The TA Form also needs to set the time allowance for completing each approval step depending the urgency of the travel plan.

The objective of this project was to create a Travel Authorization process to be used for the employees around the world. We worked with the Stakeholders of the company to gather the requirements for the approval process; we then created six SharePoint Workflows and 3 different approval levels to implement the complex workflow process. We also integrated SharePoint with Microsoft Active Directory to identify the users and their roles within the organization; we integrated Microsoft Exchange Server to send notification emails to all involved parties for status updates. The new Travel Authorization process using SharePoint allows employees to quickly create domestic and international travel authorization requests and lets managers to approve the requests in a timely manner.

The result was the streamlining of our client’s approval processes, less confusion over workflow channels and the improved speed of approvals resulting in an overall increase in productivity across the organizations.

This is just one example of how MidTech can fine tune and customize SharePoint to greatly improve your business’ workflow, communication, and business outcomes. Want to learn more? Click here to get your business on the path to greater efficiency.

How can MidTech help you with SharePoint Implementation?

MidTech has been a SharePoint technology team since SharePoint started in 2001. We have implemented SharePoint on premise for our customers as well as constructed many custom developments of the SharePoint portal and intranets to customize the platform to meet each specific need for our individual clients. In the last couple of years, we have not only helped customers maintain their SharePoint On premise platform. We also help companies to implement or migrate to the SharePoint cloud on Microsoft Office 365.

Unlike SharePoint on premise, in which companies have full control to make changes, SharePoint Cloud hosted by Microsoft provides limited capability for a company’s customization and modification. This makes the data of companies, especially large corporations, difficult to move because they need specific features that SharePoint Cloud may not have. Not only that, the data cannot be easily changed like the business was able to do on SharePoint on premise. This is where MidTech comes in.  We offer the expertise to assist in bridging the gap over what SharePoint Cloud is not able to accomplish.

Contact the SharePoint Consultants at MidTech to see what we can do help you to run your business more efficiently

MidTech Healthcare Information Technology (HIT)

MidTech is now offering an end to end solution for Healthcare IT (HIT). Our Healthcare IT solution includes hardware, software, implementation and support that meets the needs of healthcare organizations of different sizes and specialties.

The core EMR and Physician Practice Management application components are CCHIT certified and compliant with requirements and standards, which should be set forth by Federal Government for the $19 Billion healthcare IT stimulus package. MidTech leverages server virtualization and optimization technologies to provide a reliable, secure and scalable HIT infrastructure. Combined with our 11 years of expertise, reputation and experiences in IT, MidTech enables you to make your dream EMR system become a reality.

Want to know more about our HIT solution and how you can qualify for healthcare incentives, please contact us.

MidTech Microsoft Sharepoint Case Study

Industry: Architecture

Service: Intranet Solution

Client: Our client is an architect firm that specializes in designing civic spaces, including libraries, community/recreational centers, universities, and community colleges. Its talented studio of architects pursue an ideal of active community involvement and environmentally responsive design.

Challenge: As business continues to grow, our client needed an intranet solution separate from its web environment that would improve its internal communication without investing in additional hardware. Design relies heavily on version control and collaboration. Without a shared network, its architects were not working as efficiently as possible. The company needed a well-designed team site to increase collaboration and productivity.

Solution: MidTech installed Windows 2003 server to host SharePoint services and recommended Microsoft’s SQL server to share databases with SharePoint and the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application for improved performance. We created a site template with our client’s logo and color scheme to make users feel at home. In addition, we created HR, Technology, and Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) sites under the intranet site collection to meet the firm’s specific needs. MidTech also set up a blog to promote collaboration among company users, providing a central place for discussion and relevant news. Finally, we implemented a company calendar for company events and team meetings, ensuring team members would be kept organized and up to date.

Result: The implementation of an intranet solution has led to increased productivity in employees and efficiency for company operations. A centralized, collaborative space ensures version control for design documents and enables discussion among team members. Sensitive data is secure and safely accessible to the entire staff, and the firm’s architects can now focus on their product: great design.

Microsoft Office Sharepoint

Recognizing today’s ultra competitive business environment, organizations must possess ability to integrate emerging technologies with existing investments in applications and infrastructure. In addition, by deploying Portal and Document Management solutions, businesses can benefit from enhanced collaboration that connects people, teams, resources and data.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 is a single, integrated platform providing enterprise collaboration, portals, content management, business intelligence, search, and workflow automation. Leveraging the information sharing and documentation collaboration abilities of Window SharePoint Services (WSS) 3.0.

Not sure whether you need MOSS or WSS? We at MidTech will help you to select the right solution. Whether it’s out-of-the-box or custom developed features, our SharePoint integration services will deliver solutions that meets your growing business needs.

MidTech offers:

  • Installation and configuration of your new MOSS or SharePoint site
  • Migrate and upgrade your existing legacy SharePoint to WSS 3.0 / MOSS 2007
  • Custom development and integration of SharePoint Web parts WSS 3.0

MidTech Virtualization Solution

New offer of cost saving solution – One of the leading drivers for adoption of virtualization technology is server consolidation.

Businesses are under continual pressure to ease management and reduce costs while retaining and enhancing competitive advantages, such as flexibility, reliability, scalability, and security. Virtualization can help address these demands by allowing the consolidation of many servers on a single system, while maintaining their isolation.

Our solution builds on the power of the HyperV and VMWare platform to help companies move toward an optimized and highly secure infrastructure, which in turn helps control costs, improve service levels, and drive agility. As a result, you can help free up valuable resources so your people can innovate, collaborate, and drive your business forward.

For more information about how your organization can benefit from the infrastructure optimization solutions that could save you 30-40% of the current cost, please contact us.

MidTech Green Business

MidTech Software Solutions, Inc., certified as Santa Clara County Green Business.

MidTech Software Solutions, Inc., becomes the first IT firm to be certified by Santa Clara County as “Green Business”. This is part of MidTech’s Green Initiative to conserve resources and maximize efficiency through its operations on all levels. After an extensive analysis of the company’s operations and employee habits, MidTech has devised methods to optimize the resources it uses and find areas where greener solutions can be applied.

“MidTech is 110% committed to greening our entire operation and set an example for other firms to follow. In an industry where innovation is the foundation, we are seeking a new way of combining IT and eco-friendly efficiency to establish a new trend in the tech industry; this is the first step towards that vision,” said Cindy Zheng-Huang, CEO.

For more information: Green Business

Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft has just released Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1! With many improvements and new features such as Windows Server 2008 support, Standby Continuous Replication (SCR), Outlook 2007 Experience, and more.

MidTech is proud to support SP1 and we’re excited to bring to our customers Standby Continuous Replication (SCR) as part of their site resiliancy plan. For more information on Exchange 2007 SP1, check out our Exchange section for information on how you can get Exchange 2007 to enhance your enterprise communications. MidTech Exchange Implementation