Making the Choice to Have a Custom Enterprise Resource Planning App Developed

All businesses have needs, and it stands to reason the larger the business, the greater the need might possibly be. Over time, business managers and asset planners realize they might be facing a more complex set of internal problems than they ever imagined. These problems can come in the form of managing intricate data sets, relaying buying processes and possibilities to current customers and acquiring essential buyer and customer info in real-time.

Challenge 1: Meeting the Latest Technology

As we develop relationships with clients, we sometimes realize that the technology interfaces we’ve established our business relationships and connections with needs to be upgraded or retired. Businesses often lack essential decision-making staff when it comes to building custom enterprise planning apps.

As a result, outsourcing a company with this skill set and knowledge can save both time and money. Businesses don’t always need to develop internal staff to meet the needs of a temporary project. In cases where budget, time and knowledge constraints are all at play, outsourcing to a data team who can meet ERP application needs is a smart choice for any business.

Challenge 2: Scope and Timeframe

As an IT company, creating new ERP applications for businesses both large and small requires trust, deep communication and a strong, stable relationship. This relationship starts at the onset when both parties fully understand the needs of the larger organization and make an effort to address them quickly. A clear project scope, a mutual understanding of deliverables and exposure of key players will better help faciliate expectations around both scope and timeframe.

Challenge 3: Budget

As an ERP application provider, we often run into clients who have worked with other firms on application projects, only to find “surprise” fees and an extra need for time way outside the intiial scope of the project. In many cases, these extra fees should have been covered under the initial scope of the project and never were.

These cases make it abundantly clear scoping needs to be tight all the way around. Being 100% clear about what initial scoping entails can ensure client green lights from start to finish, further adding stock in the relationship of trust clients build with companies like ours.

MidTech ( is a bay area ERT application developer who can help you cross the break when it comes to ERP application development, getting your app done on schedule and within budget. Contact us today at 408-689-0288.


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