How to communicate your business needs to IT

Every business can find a way to make day-to-day operations run more efficiently through the use of technology. Some may feel limited in their knowledge of what infrastructure models can support on a daily basis. Essentially, if you have a “wish” list of items that would make your daily tasks run smoother and give you less headache, then chances are your IT Department can tailor the product to your needs.

Step 1: Goal Alignment

Communicating your long-term and short-term goals to your IT department is your first step toward operational success. Considering your organization is the organic body, your IT Department is your hands and feet for goal achieving and self-maintenance. Once the goal and objectives are clear, your hands and feet will know what tools to pick up and what types of shoes to put on for the run or the walk.

Step 2: Open Communication

Consider the deliverables of your staff members and the time it takes for them to complete a required task. Talk with your employees and ask them what they feel would make their workday run more smoothly and would free up time to focus on further projects.

Gather feedback from the staff whose job requires the most use of the software to see how the product can best be utilized to complete a specific workload.  You may discover that your employees are bogged down with tedious data entry tasks which the IT department could easily eliminate through creating automated tasks within a system. Staff need opinions from higher-ups in the organization that will allow them to make informed decisions about how the software should work. This will allow IT staff to prioritize how the software should best be used for productivity.

Alleviating employees from these duties will help to boost their overall morale and increase productivity. Once you have an idea of what your staff’s needs are, contact the IT department to see what reporting or general function can be created in order to support specific functions. Many businesses can benefit tremendously by bridging the communication gap between the staff who services the software and those who complete their work using the software. Once your IT department has the proper amount of feedback they can reach out to our application development team and we’ll tailor something unique for you! This will ensure you are getting the most out of your resources from every perspective of your Team.

Step 3: Budget Transparence

In today’s IT marketplace, there a lot of choices. What you need is the ability to pick the best solution amongst abundant options. Communicate your budget honestly with your IT department and you will speed up the process.

With a clear budget in mind, your IT department can help you to evaluate options and come up with realistic and optimized solutions. You are not looking for the cheapest option out there, but to find the best the option for your budget.


MidTech ( is your IT solution partner who can help you identify and implement the best IT solutions for you to do better and run faster than your competitors. Contact us today at 408-689-0288.

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